Attendance Policy Feb. 20, 2012
Name of Policy Implementation Date
Principal, Responsible for Administering this Policy Feb. 12, 2008
Position(s) Responsible Date of Last Revision



Appendix 23: Attendance Policy:

Students and Instructors are expected to be on time for classes.  If for some reason you need to be late for a class please wait for an appropriate time to enter that classroom and then do so quietly so as not to disturb the class.


Students are expected to attend all classes and clinic times.  As the CTCMA requires a certain number of hours to write licensing exams any missed hours must be made up at a later date.  If you are unable to attend due to illness or some sort of emergency please notify the school.  If you have a patient scheduled you are responsible for contacting the patient ASAP and rescheduling for another time or arranging for another student to do the treatment.


Please be aware that students who have student loans or grants are required to attend a minimum number of classes.  If students fail to attend the required hours or drop down to a part time student the college is required by law to notify the student loans branch.  This could result in the student losing their eligibility for student loans.


The College should deliver students’ attendance sheet to every instructor before the instructor starts teaching a course, and the instructor should return the filled students’ attendance sheet to the College within 1 week after the course ends, and the College should keep the students’ attendance sheet in the school file cabinet, and record individual student’s attendance rate according to the filled students’ attendance sheet to the individual student’s file.