Withdrawal Policy   Feb. 20, 2012
Name of Policy   Implementation Date
Principal, Responsible for Administering this Policy   Feb. 12, 2008
Position(s) Responsible   Date of Last Revision





A student has right to make withdrawal during the study and the college will process refunding according to the Student Contract.


Procedure for withdrawal:


  1. When a student wants to withdraw, the student should make a written notice to the college, the principal should confirm the withdrawal by writing within 2 school days after receiving the notice from the student. The withdrawal will be effective from the date the principal or Senior Administrator receives the notice or the date, which is selected by the student but is later than the date that the principal or the Senior Administrator receives the notice.
  2. The College will process refunding according to the Student Contract. If there is any refunding, the College will make the refunding cheque available in the College or mail the cheque to the student according to the student’s requirement within 5 school days.