About Us

About Us

Our practitioners

Our practitioners include 4 acupuncturists and TCM doctors: Dr. Ganglin Yin Dr.TCM, Dr. Zhiguang Hu, RAc, MD(China), Yi-chieh Huang, TCMP and Kun Wang RAc

Our senior intern students

After completing study of basic traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture theories and necessary clinical knowledge and skills, our senior intern students are ready to treat different diseases under supervision by instructors. Generally speaking, our senior intern students have sound knowledge and skills for their clinical practice, even some of them have acupuncture license. According to past history of our intern student clinic, our senior intern students have been welcome by a lot of patients.

Our clinics

There are 2 locations of our clinic

Oshio clinic at Saanich location

100-3491 Saanich Road, Victoria BC

Victoria BC, V8X 1W8

Phone 250 360 2700

Work hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00-18:00

Oshio clinic at McKenzie location

110-1595 McKenzie Ave.

Victoria BC, V8NX 1A4

Phone 250 472 6601

Work hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00-18:00; Saturday: 12:00-17:00