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Royal Pacific Institute/Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology

Admission Policy Feb. 20, 2012
Name of Policy Implementation Date
Principal, Dr. Ganglin Yin Dec. 1, 2011
Position(s) Responsible Date of Last Revision


Royal Pacific Institute seeks students who show the potential to become caring, dedicated and skilled

practitioners of Traditional Oriental Medicine, and who can demonstrate the maturity and preparation necessary to undertake the challenges of the buy essay program.

Royal Pacific Institute is committed to a policy of equal opportunity. Admission is open to all qualified applicants. Equal educational opportunities will be provided to all persons, regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin, marital status, sexual preference, age or physical handicap.


  1. The institution’s receptionist refers all inquiries to the Admissions Representative.
  2. The Admission representative meets with the prospective student to discuss the program of interest. If the student is un-decided about a program of study, the admission representative gives the prospective student information about a number of programs so that the student can make a decision.
  3. Once the student has decided on a program of study, the admission representative reviews the admission criteria for the program with the student to ensure that he/she meets all of the criteria.
  4. The admission representative obtains evidence (eg. Transcript, proof of age, etc.) from the student that he/she meets all of the program’s admission criteria and places the evidence in the student file. The admission criteria can not be waived by either the school or the applicant.
  5. After receiving the evidence that the prospective student meets all of the admission criteria, the admission representative prepares a Student Enrolment contract and meets with the prospective student to review the college’s policies and to review the contract. If, after understanding their rights and responsibilities, the prospective student wishes to sign the contract, the admission representative arranges for the prospective student to meet with the Senior Education Administrator.
  6. The Senior Education Administrator meets with the prospective student to discuss his/her educational goals and commitment to completing the program of study. Financial arrangements for payment of tuition and other fees are also discussed.
  7. After making copies of all evidence for the prospective student to meet the program admission criteria and keeping them in the student’s file, and agreeing on a financial arrangement, the Senior Education Administrator and the prospective student sign the contract, the school delivers a copy of the signed contract, and keeps the signed contract in the student’s file too.

Appendix 22:

Admission Criteria:

Ÿ High school graduates (or holders of a high school equivalency certificate.)

Ÿ Applicants must be at least 19 years of age to be accepted into the course of study. (Proof of age is required: please submit a copy of your current drivers’ license, etc)

Ÿ Applicants must also complete and submit a College admissions application form.

On this application the applicant must indicate how they plan to cover their living

costs and tuition during their attendance in the program (financial aid, savings etc.)

Ÿ Applicants must pay $ 250.00.

non-refundable enrolment and registration fee upon acceptance into the course of

study. Cheques are to be made payable to Royal Pacific Institute.

Ÿ Applicants must read and certify that they have read a copy of the school’s policies and

procedures, any updates and inserts and the enrolment and registration agreement.

Ÿ Applicants may need to make deposit $500 for “seat” to the college, and International applicants may need to make 1 year tuition fee deposit to the college to meet student visa application requirement. All deposit paid by a student prior to admission is credited to that student’s tuition account and is refundable as set out in the tuition refund policy. Additionally, deposit paid by an international applicant will be refundable if the applicant can not get student visa issued by Canadian government.

If the student fails to meet the minimum admission requirements, neither the institution nor the student can waive the requirements.


Please note:

Ÿ  For students planning to be licensed by the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists (CTCMA) in BC, two (2) years of liberal Arts and Sciences (comprised of not less than 60 credits) in an accredited college or chartered/approved university acceptable to the CTCMA registration committee will be required to write the registration examinations. Please see the CTCMA website at http:// for more information.

Ÿ  Effective Sept 1st, 2009, all applicants for registration with the CTCMA must complete their basic training program (R.Ac or R.TCM.H) within five(5) consecutive years. This means that you cannot take longer than 5 years to complete the 3 year Acupuncture Diploma Program.