Common Cold and Influenza

Many people struggle with the common cold.

Common cold is an acute catarrhal inflammation of the upper respiratory tract caused by bacteria or virus.  Clinically, it is marked by fever, chills, stuffy nose, sneezing, rhinorrhea, and sore throat.

Influenza is an infectious disease of the reparatory tract, caused by the influenza viruses.  Clinically, it is marked by abrupt onset of fever, chills, headache, and myalgia, or even high fever, chest pain and dyspnea in severe cases.

It usually spreads to a large number of of persons within a short period,  According to TCM, common cold belongs to the category of “Shang Feng” meaning “Attack by pathogenic Wind” or  by “Shang Feng Gan Mao” meaning epidemic common cold.  They are usually discussed together.

Standard Treatment 

Common cold and influenza are generally divided into three types:

1) Wind-Cold

2) Wind-Heat

3) Qi Deficiency

Points of the Lung, Large Intestine and Bladder Meridians are frequently selected in their treatment

Wind Cold

Manifestations: Nasal stuffiness with clear discharge, sneezing, itching, in the throat, coarse voice, coughing with this white sputum, aversion to cold, fever, headache, general aching, absence of sweating in severe cases.

Toungue: Thin and white coating

Pulse: Superficial or superficial and tense.

Treatment Principle

Relieve Exterior syndrome, dispel wind-cold.

Point Prescription & Manipulation

Gall Bladder 20  Fengchi  “Wind Pool” _ >

San Jia 5  Waiguan “Outer Passage” _>

Lung 7 Lieque  “Broken Sequence”  _>

LI 20 Yingxian Welcome Fragrence


GB-20 Fengchi and San Jiao 5 Waiguan, dispel external pathogen and relieve exterior syndrome, and LU 7 Lieque disperse Lung qi.  Moxibustion on these points disperses cold pathogen.

Secondary points according to condition

LI 20 opens the orifice of the nose to promote breathing and un-obstruct the airway from phlegm

Severe Condition:

LI-4 Hegu  –

BL 12 Fengmen – sedate with cupping

BL 13 Fieshu – sedate with cupping

Wind Heat

Wind-Heat manifests its self with fever, slight aversion to cold, sweating, headache, nasal stuffiness with turbid discharge, thirst, congested and sore throat, coughing with thick yellow sputum.

Toungue: Thin and Yellow Coating

Pulse: Superficial and rapid

Tratment Principle:  Relieve exterior syndrome, disperse wind-heat.