Course Descriptions

OUTLINE OF COURSE OBJECTIVESFirst Year (630 hrs   42 credits)

100  FOUNDATION OF TCM  (1)                                                                                                                  Hrs 90  Credits 6

1.        The basic concepts and application in TCM of Yin-Yang, five element theory

2.        Causes of diseases in TCM:  external and internal

3.        Pathological changes in TCM and the six meridians

4.        The principle of treatment in TCM

5.        Basic theory in acupuncture meridians

101  DIAGNOSTICS OF TCM                                                                                                                       Hrs 90  Credits 6

1.        Four methods of diagnosis:  observation, listening, smelling, interrogation, palpitation

2.        Diagnosis by Ba Gan Bian Zheng (8 principle syndromes diagnosis), Organs, Qi and Blood, 4 levels, 6 channels

102  HERBOLOGY —- HERBOLOGY OF TCM (1)                                                                                          Hrs 90  Credits 6

1.        General introduction to Chinese herbology

2.        Introduction to individual herbs, including their nature, taste, actions and indications. In this course, approximately 300 of the most frequently used herbs will be discussed in detail

103  ACUPUNCTURE THEORY (1)                                                                                                              Hrs 120 Credits 6

1.        The distribution and functions of meridians

2.        Clinical applications of meridians in diagnosis and treatment

3.        Classification, location, indication and functions of acupuncture points

104  ANATOMY                                                                                                                                          Hrs 60  Credits 4

1.        Gross surface and functional anatomy and neuro-anatomy in detail

2.        The functional anatomy of bones, joints, muscles, vessels, and nerves in an integrated way, using a regional approach

105  TCM HISTORY                                                                                                                                    Hrs 45  Credits 3

1.        Brief introduction of TCM history

106  CHINESE LANGUAGE & TERMINOLOGY                                                                                              Hrs 45  Credits 3

1.        Pin yin in the Chinese language

107   FOUNDATION OF TCM (2)                                                                                                                  Hrs 45  Credits 3

1.        Chinese Acupressure, Massage, Moxa and Ginger compress for self-care

2.        Simple ways for calming the mind, meditation and mindfulness in TCM

3.        Basic herbal remedies

4.        Basic knowledge of clinical management

108  TCM DIAGNOSIS LAB                                                                                                                         Hrs 45  Credits 3

1.        practice the four diagnostic methods among each other under the supervision and instruct from the teacher.

Second Year (630 hrs  37 credits)


1.        Behaviour of listening, counseling, explaining and teaching

2.        Working with terminal illness, chronic illness and substance abuse

3.        Record keeping, legal requirements, release of patient information

4.        Understanding laws & regulations governing the practice of TCM and Acupuncture in Canada

5.        Professional liability insurance

6.        Office & Clinic requirement, used needle disposal

201 HERBAL FORMULA                                                                                                                              Hrs 90  Credits 6

1.        Detailed introduction to approximately 171 frequently used herbal formulas, including their names in Pin yin (Chinese), natures, functions, indications and modifications

202  ACUPUNCTURE THEORY (2)                                                                                                               Hrs 60  Credits 4

1.     Ear acupuncture and scalp acupuncture

2.      Indications, functions and combinations of specific points

3.      Point prescription, principles and methods of combination of points

203  CLINICAL  SAFETY                                                                                                                              Hrs 45 Credits 3

1.        The general knowledge of safety of equipment for an acupuncture clinic and Clean Needle Techniques, general methods for infection control, patient risk management and working environment safety. Also covers assessment of risk profiles relative to acupuncture treatment, situations where acupuncture is contraindicated, safely precautions in acupuncture treatment to enhance accident prevention and management, management of blood-to-blood contract, spills or blood and other body fluid, as well as management of small fires. Introduction to clinical equipment, Clean Needle Techniques

204  PHYSIOLOGY & PATHOLOGY (1)                                                                                                        Hrs 45  Credits 3

1.        Basic theory, principle and applications underlying human physiology in Western medicine

2.        How disease occurs and how it is treated in terms of physiology

205 CLINICAL ASSESSMENT & DIAGNOSTIC PROCESS                                                                               Hrs 45 Credits 3

1.        Introduce assessment of clinical manifestations and analyzing assessment information to get a diagnosis, establishing treatment plan based on diagnosis. The students will have opportunity to report a real clinical case to the class and discuss it with classmates under instruction from the teacher. After this course, the student will gain more confidence in treating complicated diseases.

206 ACUPUNCTURE TECHNIQUES                                                                                                               Hrs 60 Credits 4

Acupuncture Techniques will serve as learning of zhenjiu techniques, including filiform needle manipulations, acupuncture with the three-edged needle, acupuncture with the intradermal needle, acupuncture with the skin needle, acupuncture with the dull needle, acupuncture with the hot needle, electro-acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping method, as well as skills of reinforcing and reducing. This course will help students to  learn the precautions of acupuncture and management and prevention of commonly seen acupuncture accidents.

207  TUI NA (Chinese Therapeutic Massage)                                                                                             Hrs 45  Credits 3

1.        Commonly-used Tui Na manipulations

2.        Practicing Chinese Tui Na and performing different manipulations while learning treatment of common diseases

208  QI GONG & TAI JI                                                                                                                              Hrs 45  Credits 3

1.        Basic traditional Chinese Qi Gong and Tai Ji theory

2.        Basic exercise of traditional Chinese Qi Gong and Tai Ji

209    CLINICAL TRAINING                                                                                                                     Hrs 150   Credits 5

Study and practice in the clinic with supervision an instructor to get clinical knowledge and clinical training for preparation for acupuncture and herbal treatment.  The supervisor is physically present at all time during the diagnosis and treatment of a patient.

210   Orthopedics/Physical Assessment  (Optional)

Hrs 45 Credits 3

1.      This course introduces the purpose, process, procedure and documentation of a client assessment. 2.       This course introduces a framework for the assessment of clients that will enable students to assess neuro-musculo-skeletal problems which may benefit from treatment, assess relative and absolute contraindications, design appropriate treatment plans and to evaluate progress and duration of treatment.

3. This course also provides the knowledge of when to refer clients to other health care professionals and how to create and maintain appropriate treatment records including medical/legal reports.

Third Year (705 hrs  36 credits)

300  ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENT(1): INTERNAL MEDICINE                                                                        Hrs 60 Credits 4

1.        Introduction to acupuncture treatment of about 35 internal diseases named with TCM and 20 Internal Diseases named according Western medicine in detail


1.        Introduction to acupuncture treatment of the following of women’s diseases:  Diseases of menses, leukorrhea, pregnancy,    Postpartum diseases

2.        Introduction to acupuncture treatment of commonly seen pediatric diseases

3.        Introduction to acupuncture treatment of commonly seen geriatric  diseases


1.        Introduction to acupuncture treatment of the commonly see traumatic injury, including sports trauma and treatment of commonly seen skin diseases

2.        Introduction to acupuncture treatment of commonly seen five sense organs diseases

303  PHYSIOLOGY &PATHOLOGY (2)                                                                                                         Hrs 45  Credits 3

1.        Basic knowledge of pathology or pharmacology of Western medicine

304    OTHER ORIENTAL ACUPUNCTURE METHODS                                                                                     Hrs 45 Credits 3

1.    Brief introduction to Japanese acupuncture

2.    Brief introduction to Korea acupuncture— Five Element Acupuncture

3.        Three needle techniques

305    MICROBIOLOGY, IMMUNOLOGY & PHARMACOLOGY                                                                          Hrs 45 Credits 3

Microbiology is to briefly introduce microbiology, immunology and pharmacology, including the pathogenic microorganisms that cause diseases and ways to prevent infection such as vaccination, sterilization, and disinfections. Bacteriology and virology are topics covered in this course too.  Pharmacolog is to introduce basic knowledge of Western medical drugs. Students will study the mechanism of actions, absorption, excretion and toxicity of specific drugs.

306  INTEGRATE OF TCM & WESTERN MEDICINE                                                                                       Hrs 45  Credits 3

Introduce commonly seen ways of intergrading TCM and Western medicine, including applying TCM treatment based on or with consideration of Western medicine diagnosis and Western medicine treatment.

307  BASIC WESTERN DIAGNOSTICS                                                                                                         Hrs 60  Credits 4

1.   Introduction to main contents of Nei Jing,  Shan Han Lun, Jing Gui Yao Nue and Wen Bing

308    CLINICAL PRACTICE  (1)                                                                                                             Hrs 330  Credits 11

1.   Treating patients with acupuncture, moxibustion and massage

2. Gain the knowledge and ability to treat commonly-seen diseases with acupuncture, moxibustion and Tui Na massage

3. Discussing clinical cases with supervisor


Fourth Year (720 hrs. 37 credits)

400  INTERNAL MEDICINE OF TCM                                                                                                             Hrs 90 Credits 6

1.        Introduction to basic concepts of pathological mechanism, symptoms and treatment of commonly seen internal disease, including 35 common diseases in TCM and about 20 diseases named according to Western medicine, with herbal formulas

401  GYNECOLOGY & PEDIATRICS OF CM                                                                                                   Hrs 45 Credits 3

1.     Diagnosis, Differentiation and Treatment of commonly seen women’s diseases with herbal formulas

2. Diagnosis, Differentiation and Treatment of commonly seen children’s diseases with herbal formulas

402  TRAUMATIC INJURY, SKIN AND FIVE SENSE ORGAN DISEASES OF TCM                                             Hrs 30 Credits 2

1.    Diagnosis, Differentiation and Treatment of commonly seen traumatic injury, skin and 5 sense organ diseases with herbal formulas

403  Adv. INDIVIDUAL HERBS                                                                                                                    Hrs 45 Credits 3

Cover all herbs listed by CTCMA at the category Herbs,  and clinical experience of applying herbs. Also, the safety of using herbs is covered

404  Adv.  FORMULAS                                                                                                                                Hrs 45  Credits 3

Covers all of the formulas listed by the CTCMA, and  introduces the clinical experience of selecting herbal formulas.

405  HERBAL INTERACTION                                                                                                                      Hrs 30  Credits 2

Herbal Interaction  introduces herb-drug interactions, herb-herb interactions, and herb-food interactions. Additionally, it covers about 150 commonly used pairs of herbs.

406  PROCESSING TCM HERBS                                                                                                                  Hrs 45  Credits 3

TCM  Herb Processing will introduce herbal process, dosage form and methods of administration, dosage, potential adverse effects, contraindications and precautions, and covers the knowledge of identification of herbs.

407  INTRODUCTION TO TCM CLASSICS                                                                                                     Hrs 45  Credits 3

Introduction to TCM Classics is a course to introduce the basic knowledge of NeiJing, Shang Han Lun, Jing Gui Yao Nue and Wen Bing.

408     SHI LIAO                                                                                                                                        Hrs 15  Credits 1

Introduction to the basic knowledge of nutrition and diet therapy from a  TCM viewpoint. This course will introduce students to comprehensive and practical self-care strategies by paying attention to nutrition and diet, to commonly used methods with nutrition and diet therapy in treatment of some diseases

409  CLINICAL PRACTICE (2)                                                                                                                Hrs 330  Credits 11

Clinical Practice is a course to let the student practice herbal formula therapies on the patient under supervision from the clinical supervisor. Among the practice, 130 hours are done under direct instruction supervision and 200 hours in which the clinical supervisor is in close proximity.

Fifth Year (735 hrs. 41  credits)

500  SHANG HAN LUN                                                                                                                                Hrs 45  Credits 3

Introduce main contents of this classics and cover the 6 channel diseases, including major syndromes and formulas

501  JIN GUI YAO LUE                                                                                                                               Hrs 30  Credits 2

Introduce main contents of this  classics and cover diseases listed, with focus on differentiation of syndromes and major formulas

502  WEN BING XUE & HUANG DI NEI JING                                                                                               Hrs 30  Credits 2

Introduce two of the four most important classics of TCM, Inner Classic and Wen Bin. Inner Classic, also called Huang Di Nei Jin or Nei Jin.  Introduction to Wei, Qi, Ying and Xue Bian Zhen (Differentiation of syndromes of infectious febrile diseases using Wei, Qi, Ying and Xue theory)

503  WESTERN DIAGNOSIS OF COMMONLY SEEN DISEASES                                                                    Hrs 90   Credits 6

Western Diagnosis of Commonly Seen Diseases cover about diagnosis of 200 commonly seen modern Western diseases.

504  OTHER TCM MODALITIES                                                                                                                   Hrs 30  Credits 2

Covers special scalp acupuncture.

505  TCM GERONTOLOGY                                                                                                                           Hrs 30  Credits 2

Covers TCM diagnosis and treatment of commonly seen senile diseases.

506  TCM PSYCHOLOGY                                                                                                                              Hrs 30  Credits 2

Introduction to the basic knowledge of TCM psychology. This course will introduce students to comprehensive and practical self-care strategies by paying attention to relation between five elements and seven emotions, to commonly used methods with seven emotion therapy in treatment of some diseases

507  ADVANCED STUDY IN ACUPUNCTURE                                                                                                           Hrs 90  Credits 6

Covers Dr. Lichuan Huang’s ear acupuncture

508  HERBAL PHARMACOLOGY                                                                                                                 Hrs. 30  Credits 2

Introduce some knowledge of herbal pharmacology and pharmaceutical functions of some herbs.

509    MODERN CLINICAL RESEARCH                                                                                                        Hrs 90  Credits 6

Students undertake research in the clinic under supervision and document the research of treatment of diseases with instruction from the instructor.

510  CLINICAL PRACTICE                                                                                                                        Hrs 240  Credits 8

1.        Treating patients with TCM, including acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, and herbal formulas based on combination of Western medicine and TCM

2.        Research on diagnosis and treatment of complicated and obstinate diseases and syndromes with TCM