Harassment Policy:

Oshio College expects all students, instructors, and staff to behave in a courteous and respectful manner to each other at all times.

Any student, instructor, or staff member who engages in any unacceptable behavior or who does not at all times exhibit respect for other people will be subject to a review of their continued association with the college.

All students, instructors, and staff are advised that if the review process confirms that such unacceptable behavior is occurring that they may be subject to immediate dismissal or termination for cause.

Review process

  1. Any student, instructor or staff member who feels that they have been subject to any form of harassment, intimidation or any attempt by someone to exert unwelcome control over their personal or activities should bring this to the attention to a member of the administration.  This may be done in Peron or in writing.
  2. The Administrator or Principal will conduct a thorough and confidential investigation of the complaint and prepare a short written summary of the findings including recommended remedial action.  A copy of this report will be given to the complainant for review and to add any comments.
  3. The final report will be submitted to the Principal for disposition and action, including the letter of reprimand, suspension and dismissal for cause.