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Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology (OCAH) provides opportunity for Instructors to develop professionally both as teachers and in their areas of specialty.

This policy applies to all OCAH instructors who are currently employed, regardless of employment type, and includes salaried, contract, full-time and part-time instructors.

Procedure for accessing professional development:


1. Either the instructor or the institution may identify an area for development. This may be done during a performance review or at any other time.

2. The institution or instructor may identify an opportunity for development. The opportunity for development may include (but is not limited to) continuing education provided by the institution or by another party, such as a community college.

3. If the institution has identified the development opportunity, the Senior Educational Administrator discusses the opportunity with the instructor. If the instructor identifies the opportunity, he or she discusses the opportunity with the Senior Educational Administrator.

4. The instructor takes steps to enroll or register for the opportunity and pays any fees related to the enrolment or registration, retaining a receipt for the amount paid.

5. The instructor undertakes the study associated with the development opportunity and, upon successful completion of the development opportunity, provides evidence of successful completion to the Senior Educational Administrator along with a copy of the receipt for any payment made with respect to the development opportunity.

OCAH: Instructor Development Policy                                                                 pg. 2

6. The Senior Educational Administrator prepares and submits a request for a cheque payable to the Instructor for one-half of the total payments made with respect to the development opportunity and places the evidence of successful completion on the instructor’s employee file.

7. The Instructor prepares a summary of his/her learning and presents it to other instructors at the next staff meeting.

8. Any textbook or other learning materials received during the course of completing the development opportunity become the property of the institution and may become part of the institution’s student resources.

9. In the event that the instructor does not successfully complete the development opportunity, he or she is not entitled to reimbursement of any portion of the payments made with respect to the learning opportunity.