TCM Massage

  1. Overview

The purpose of the Chinese Therapeutic Tuina Massage program is to train students to become Chinese Therapeutic Tuina Massage  practitioners. The student will be prepared to provide service of Chinese therapeutic Tuina massage — a kind of alternative therapy for persons  who have muscular-skeletal disorders, stress and depression, and some internal organ disorders.

It has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training (PTIB ).

  • Curriculum
  course hours credits
100 Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine 90 6
101 Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine 90 6
102 Meridians and Points 90 6
103 Massage Hand Manipulations 90 6
104 Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology (1) 90 6
105 Communication Skills, Ethic, Management 45 3
106 Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology (2) 90 6
107 Treatment of Diseases with  Massage 90 6
108 Health Preservation with Massage 45 3
109 Qi Gong, Tai Ji 45 3
110 Clinical Practice 125 4.2
  In total 890 55.2
  • Admission
Admission Requirements:
Royal Pacific Institute/Oshio College accepts applications from all persons who have complete a high school education or mature student status.

Additional information relating to admission:

Royal Pacific Institute/Oshio College seeks students who show the potential to become caring, dedicated and skilled practitioners of Traditional Oriental Medicine, and who can demonstrate the maturity and preparation necessary to undertake the challenges of the program. Royal Pacific Institute/Oshio College is committed to a policy of equal opportunity. Admission is open to all qualified applicants. Equal educational opportunities will be provided to all persons, regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin, marital status, sexual preference, age or physical handicap.

Hours of Instruction
Full-time students attend twenty or more hours of classes per week, which includes clinical training and study review.  In total, approx. 890hours will be offered for the program.
Academic Year
We enroll students three times a year, January, May and September. One academic year is 30 weeks. It usually starts on the first week of January, May, or September. New students are urged to register as early as possible. Late registration is accepted on special approval of the Principal only, depending on the space available. Detailed schedules will be mailed to successful applicants. A downloadable version of the present year’s calendar is available in the following formats.
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  • Tuition, fees and financial aid

Tuition: One Academic year consists of approximately 22 instructional hours per week for 30 weeks. A credit hour is given for every 15 hours of classroom instruction, or for 30 hours of supervised clinical practice.  Tuition is $11,400 for one academic year.  Tuition will not increase after enrolment.

Students should make allowance for approximately $500 in book costs, workshops and student registration fees with the CTCMA per academic year.  These costs are not included in the tuition fee. 

Financial Assistance : Applicants who are residents of British Columbia may apply to the BC Student Assistance Program, which administers Canada Student Loans, BC Student Loans, and BC Grants. You can apply for your student loan online at or you call them to have an application form mailed out to you at 1-800-561-1818. You may also get the necessary information from their website at Applicants residing outside British Columbia should contact the student loans office in their region.

  • Transfer

Transfer of credits from another recognized school of TCM may be accepted, but the number of transferred credits of one academic year should not exceed the number of credits (hours) normally earned by a student at the College in one academic year, and the number of transferred credits of the traditional Chinese medicine practitioner program should not exceed the credits (hours) normally earned by a student at the College in two academic years. The above rules and regulations are subject to review from time to time in order to maintain and upgrade the standards of Royal Pacific Institute/Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology.

  • International student

Foreign student tuition will be the same as local residents. It is recommended that students are proficient in written and spoken English.

  • Location

Royal Pacific Institute/Oshio College has two Victoria campuses: the Saanich Road location, at Suite #100, 3491 Saanich Road (just across from Uptown Plaza), and the Clinic at #110-1595 McKenzie Ave.